SOAS IV 2014- A Retrospective Glance

By Noorzadeh Raja

This weekend, the SOAS Debating Society hosted its first major event of the year, the annual SOAS IV. Around 80 teams from all over the UK, Europe and even teams from Malaysia and Singapore participated.

This was possibly the first SOAS IV in recent times to be run on time- all thanks to the incredible tabbing duo of Sian Bedford and Eliot Pallot. With a world-class CA team comprising Michael Shapira, Cerys Bradley, Andrew Ford and Ruby Holmes, highly engaging, innovative motions were debated. Example: TH Regrets Lara Croft (Semi Finals)

An exceptional Equity Policy was implemented at the IV by Leah Wright, including the usage of preferred gender pronouns.

The open final was highly contested with impressive levels of debating on display between: 2 Cambridge teams, TCD Phil A and Nottingham, with TCD taking the win. The motion debated was “TH Supports a federal UK”. The ESL final was won by IIUM.

Massive thanks to all the volunteers involved in helping organise and run such a successful competition. I am a proud convenor.


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