Photos from Utrecht

Last weekend 7 SOAS debaters travelled to Utrecht for the UCU open. Tom Elias will be writing a full blog post soon, but for now, here are some photos from their trip:

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SOAS did incredibly well. Sam Wheldon-Bayes and Rafael William Oelmann Perez were the 3rd highest ranked team and reached the semi finals. It is worth pointing out that both Sam and Rafael only started debating 4 weeks ago!


The motions were:

r1. This house would remove All UEFA’s Limit on Football Club Spending (which includes transfer and salaries).

r2. This house believes that the European Union should guarantee membership to regions of member states that secede from their parent state.

r3. This house would fund hymen reconstruction.

r4. This house regrets the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

r5. This house believes that MGM Film Studios Should Cast a Women as the Next James Bond.

Semi: This house believes thatJapanese Leaders are justified in honouring the Yasukuni War Shrines.
Final: You are a Liberal leaning journalist covering the White House, you have received exclusive and indisputable evidence that during his college years Barack Obama had an active gay sexual life, This house would Publish the Story.


Next term we will be sending people to Vienna, Budapest, Ireland and many other excited places ! Please come to our workshops to find out more about how you can take part in these tournaments and represent SOAS overseas.


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