Southern Novices

On Sunday the 28th of October 5 SOAS teams participated in the Southern Debating Association’s Southern Novices tournament.

All SOAS speakers performed very well. Two teams, Emily Judson and Chirag Pandya and Sam Wheldon-Bayes and Andreas Bjorklund made it to the final, and particular praise must be given to Emily Judson and Sam Wheldon-Bayes who were exceptional in the final.

Whilst SOAS did not win the tournament, it was very encouraging to see how much everyone had improved.

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The motions were:

r1: This house would ban Zoos

r2: This house believes black and minority football players should form their own union

r3: This house would allow a panel of technocrats to veto government policy

r4: This house would require a referendum before going to war.


If you would like to represent SOAS at a debating competition please get in touch with us. Our aim this year is to send as many people as possible to tournaments.

This weekend, SOAS debaters are at UCU open in Holland…  lets hope our debating success continues !


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