SOAS IV 2012 Videos

We will be updating this post with videos from the SOAS IV. So far we have uploaded the final and a semi final.

More videos will be uploaded soon.

Semi Final:
Motion: You have full guarantee that SAS (special air service) can enter the prison which currently holds the Pussy Riot Girls in Russia and you can remove them safely. THW enter Russia and remove the Pussy Riot Girls from their cells.

Motion: THB the state should actively prosecute sexist and misogynist remarks.

Quarter Final:

The 3rd Quarter Final of the SOAS IV 2012 on the motion THB it is legitimate for states to deny residence or asylum to immigrants who openly contradict their predominant values.

First Proposition: Strathclyde A (Tala Byrne and Joe Dyer)
First Opposition: Stuttgart A (Michael Saliba and Andreas Lazar)
Second Proposition: St Andrews A (Ben Adams and Alex Don)
Second Opposition: Sheffield A (Pete Doughton and Charlie Morris)

The call: First Proposition and Second Opposition advanced to the Semi Finals.

ESL Final:

The English as a Second Language Final of the 2012 SOAS IV on the motion THB that European States should end all funding for the arts until everyone lives above the national poverty level. It took place on 21/10/2012.

First Proposition: Roosevelt Academy A (Bas Tonissen and Bionda Merckens)
First Opposition: Vienna X (Mark Etzel and Jacob Reiter)
Second Proposition: Hyperion University Bucharest (Flavia Negoescu and Stefan Ionescu)
Second Opposition: St Andrews B (Sophie Charlotte and Parnian Sadeghi)

Roosevelt A were declared the winners.


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